What I do
Website Design & Development

Website development covers everything from a brochure website build based on CMS, through an e-commerce solution and all the way to custom built portals aimed at providing support for your business.

When people visit your site they want to find what they are looking for quickly and clearly, no matter whether they’re using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop device.

The potential to gain customers through the web is vast. Clean grid systems, consistent colour palettes and a user-friendly interface based around your branding will ensure that visitors are well satisfied, with minimum fuss and maximum impact.

Every website from is of bespoke design – just right for you and only you. You’ll benefit from a user-centred solution that draws on the latest design technology and sets you apart.


You want your business on the Internet – easy path to the perfect online shop?

Internet has become the most visited global market with no boundaries. Offer your products to the whole world. Make them just a click away, with multilingual variants that are easy to navigate from anywhere in the world.

Now is the perfect time to sell your products online or to bring your existing e-commerce solution to new heights. creates online shops of varying complexity, from fairly simple to extremely complex, with over 1000 products, and offer an ultimate simplicity to both the end-user and website administrator. I primarily offer contemporary solutions in which your clients’ safety comes first.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


You might have seen a number of people and companies describing SEO as a process which makes your site rank better in search engines. While that is true, people are often too focused on that aspect of this service and they don’t go into too much detail on how they plan to achieve this. Namely, there is a great difference between making your site rank better and making your site deserve better rankings.

Although SEO can be regarded as an art of creating an online identity, the truth is there is some science behind it. Of course, this does not involve lab experiments or extensive mathematical calculations, yet it does include some degree of expertise. In fact, SEO covers multiple aspects and only when each of them is optimized to Google’s liking, a websites can truly develop.

If this sounds too technical for you, the good news is that there are people who can take it over for you. I can do everything from exhaustive and creative keywords research and analysis, to extensive onsite optimization, white hat link building, as well as providing relevant and useful content that your visitors can actually enjoy and share with their friends. Basically, everything that will help search engines recognize your quality.

Digital marketing

Social networks are starting to take a leading role in the communication with shoppers and consumers. Learn what digital marketing entails and how your brand and business can profit from social networks.

Digital marketing is a marketing field which primarily deals with creating online strategies for the purposes of branding and increasing visibility of a company’s digital image on the Internet.

Considering that 70 to 80% of people have Internet access and spend their time on computers and mobile devices, both for business and in free time – it is no wonder that this field of marketing has become hugely wanted, even more than the regular marketing activities.

They say that if you do not exist on the Internet, you do not exist at all. This saying does not seem all that different from reality considering that around 90% of Internet users aged 16-24 visit and use social network. Additionally, almost 77% of Internet users visit online shops and buy products online.

Moreover, the fact that 37% of searchers reach their desired products via search engines, as opposed to 34% of people who buy a product directly influenced by direct marketing activities, only speaks for the fact that digital marketing is yet to become bigger.

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